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Explosion Proof Signal Bell dGW21 for Zone 1, 21

Explosion Proof Signal Bell
  • Sound Output. 105 dB(A)
  • Hazardous areas Zone 1 + 2, IP66
  • II 2 G Ex de IIC T6
  • GRP Housing, Dome steel (powder-coated)
  • Electromechanical System
  • Housing colour: black or red
  • AC and DC versions available
  • Special version with integrated telephone call relay
  • Integrated installation box, no junction box required.
The signalling bell dGW21 was designed to warn, call and signal in areas with explosive atmospheres in group II and rough ambient conditions. The protection type II 2G Ex de II CT6 allows the signalling bell to be used without restriction in all ex-areas classified 1 and 2.

The signalling bell produces a sound volume of approx.105dB(A) at 1 meter distance.

The emphasis of the ringing lies at approx.1000Hz, as a result of which the signal stands out clearly against lower - frequency ambient noises. The bell is available for all usual supply voltages. The version dRGW21 emits the signals in time with the connected telephone call.

UL approved & GOST approved Versions also available.

Ex Acoustic Telephone Call Signalling Device

Explosion Proof Telephone Bell
High-volume telephone call signalling devices for indoor and outdoor use in areas with explosive atmospheres
  • IP 66
  • High-volume multitone bell
  • EEx em [ib] IIC T6.

The explosion-protected telephone call signalling devices are designed for indoor and outdoor use in industrial applications with explosive atmospheres, e.g. the petrochemical industry.

The high quality of the materials used allow these devices to be installed in extreme conditions in EEx II-classified applications. The user can select between a single-tone, two-tone, three-tone or warble tone ring with the help of internal DIP switches.

Four different tone sequence frequencies can also be selected in a range between 5 and 20 Hz