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CM-6 EExmN (T) - £P.O.A

6W ATEX Zone1 plastic weatherproof surface mount speaker for use in extreeme conditions. IP-67 & compact in size making it perfect for those areas where no other speakers can perform.

Material Black
Semiconductive polyamide
Mounting: 4 screws or bracket
Radox Cable, 1,5 m
Weight: 2,5 kg
IP Rating:
40°C / -20°C
Rated/max power: 6 W
SPL 1W/1m: 85 db
SPL Rated Power:
93 db
Effective freq.Range:
300 – 10000 Hz
Dispersion (-6dB)1kHz/4kHz:
Options: Impedance, color, label


dnh-c loudspeaker

DSP-15 EExeN(T) - Our Price- £P.O.A

15W 20W & 25W ATEX Zone1 plastic horn speaker.This versatile model can be ordered with different transformers for more tappings and power ratings. It's light and has M20 entries in the back lid for easy cable mounting. Extra termination space for loop in loop out purpose as standard. .

Material: Antistatic PA
Mounting: Bracket or swivel bracket
Termination: e-chamber, loop in/out, screw terminals
Weight: 2,0 kg
IP Rating: 67
Max./min.amb.temp: 50°C / -50°C
Rated/max power: 15 W / 15 W
SPL 1W/1m: 105 db
SPL Rated Power: 116 db
Effective freq. Range: 380 - 7000 Hz
Dispersion (-6dB)1kHz/4kHz: 200°/50°
Options: Impedance, color, label

DSP-15 EExeN(T)

DSP-15 Loudspeaker

DSP-15 EExmNsL(T) - Our Price- £P.O.A

Are you in need for an ATEX horn speaker that is light in weight but heavy on sound coverage? Our new long screen version of DSP-15 EExeNT is a excellent choice when required SPL are to be high .

Material/Colour: Anti-static PA / Black
Mounting: Bracket
Termination: e-chamber, screw terminals
Weight: 2,4 kg
IP Rating: 67
Max./min.amb.temp: 40°
Rated/max power: 25 W / 25 W
SPL 1W/1m: 110 db
SPL Rated Power: 122 db
Effective freq. Range: 330 ? 7000 Hz
Dispersion (-6dB)1kHz/4kHz: 200°/50°

DSP-15 EExmNsL(T)

DSP-15 Loudspeaker

DSP-15 EExmNsL(T) - Our Price- £P.O.A

25W ATEX Zone1 plastic horn speaker. This top selling DNH ATEX horn loudspeaker is supplied with one M20 gland and one M20 blanking plug as standard.

Material: Anti-staticpolyamide
Mounting: Bracket
Termination: e-chamber,screw terminals
Weight: 4,0 kg
IP Rating: 66
Max./min.amb.temp: 55°C / -53°C
Rated/max power: 25W / 25 W
SPL 1W/1m: 106 db
SPL Rated Power: 117 db
Effective freq. Range: 370? 7000 Hz
Dispersion (-6dB) 1kHz/4kHz: 110°/30°
Options: Impedance, moulded perm. cable, labe

DSP-25 EExmN(T)
DSP-15 Loudspeaker