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Explosion Proof Loudspeaker

Atex BeaconsAtex Beacons

Ex Certified, Intrinsically Safe Signal Beacons

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Atex Lighting
Explosion Proof Lighting

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+44 (0)800 7565305

Intrinsically Safe, Atex Loudspeakers

Atex Global Ltd supply a range of Alarms, loudspeakers, electronic sounders, Beacons, intelligent voice annunciators and flash alarms for industrial, heavy duty, marine and hazardous environments..

atex certified loudspeaker

E2S Loudspeakers - PA Loudspeakers

The e2s explosion proof / atex certified range of warning signals, including high performance electronic alarm sounders, PA loudspeakers, explosion proof fire alarm systems, intelligent voice annunciators and beacons for industrial, marine and hazardous Ex areas.

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e2s Atex Warning Signals

Atex Certified, DNH Loudspeakers

DNH Loudspeakers offer a wide variety of Intrinsically safe Speakers and horns specifically designed for use in military and civil installations where gases and other explosives make special precautions neccessary and require atex certified equipment.

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FHF Loudspeakers

These FHF Atex Loudspeakers are designed for acoustic signaling, emergency communications and speech transmission under rugged environmental conditions explosive atmospheres rated group II, zones 1 and 2 (ATEX / IECEx). These hazardous area speakers also carry a weatherproof rating of IP66.

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FHF Loudspeakers, FHF Atex

Intrinsically Safe, Atex Beacons

Atex Global Ltd also offer a range of explosion proof beacons from leading manufaturers Werma Signaltechnik, Funke Huster Fernsig & e2S Warning Signals designed for use in explosive atmospheres where Atex certfication is required.

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